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Flags |  Checkered Flags

Checkered Flags

Our selection and prices on checkered flags are unmatched by the competition. We stock our durable nylon checkered flags in 4 different colors and 7 different sizes. In addition to our popular checkered flags, we also carry square and triangle checkered pennants and 16 ft. checkered feather flags. All of our checkered flags make a great addition to any race flag collection.

Checkered Flag

The checkered flag is displayed at the finish line to indicate that the race has been completed. The flag is commonly associated with winning a race, since the winner is the first driver to drive past the checkered flag. Upon seeing the checkered flag and crossing the finish line, drivers are required to slow to a safe speed, and return to their garage. The flag consists of alternating black and white rectangles which form a checker board pattern. In NASCAR and F1 events, a single checkered flag is waved to signal the completion of a race. In IndyCar, two checkered flags are waved together.
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