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Flags |  Hardware & Accessories

Hardware & Accessories

Whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor flag, we have the poles, stands, brackets, and ornaments to turn your flag into a complete set. Our Build Your Own Flag Set program allows you to mix and match flags with hardware to assemble the perfect set for you.

Outdoor Hardware

Brackets Brackets
Our brackets come in three styles that work great with our wall-mount flagpoles.
Outdoor Flagpoles Outdoor Flagpoles
Our outdoor flagpoles come in many sizes and upgrade the appearance of any property.
Wall-Mount Flagpoles Wall-Mount Flagpoles
Our wall-mount flagpoles come in three styles and look great on front porches.
Garden Flag Stands Garden Flag Poles
Perfect for displaying garden flags and yard pennants.
Wall-Mount Flagpoles Outdoor Flagpole Accessories
Snap hooks and other accessories needed for outdoor in-ground flagpoles.
Feather Flagpoles
Feather Flag Hardware
We carry all of the hardware necessary to fly our swooper flags.

Indoor Hardware

Flagpole Ornaments Flagpole Ornaments
Our flagpole ornaments have a rich appearance and add that special touch to any indoor flagpole.
Indoor Flagpoles Indoor Flagpoles
Our indoor flagpoles have a rich appearance and come in three sizes.
Tassels Tassels
Golden tassels add a special touch to indoor flags that makes them look exceptional.
Flagpole Stands Flagpole Stands
Our flagpole stands offer all the support you need for your indoor flagpole...just add sand or water.
Flag Spreader Flag Spreader
Easily clamps to indoor poles to spreads the flag for a proper elegant display.

Stick Flag Hardware

Grave Markers Grave Markers
We offer grave markers in bronze and aluminum to pay tribute to your loved ones.
Classroom Flag Brackets Classroom Flag Brackets
Our classroom flag brackets attach easily to the wall or a chalkboard frame to support your classroom flag.
Stick Flag Stands Stick Flag Stands
We offer a variety of stands perfect for holding 4" x 6" stick flags.
Stick Flag Brackets Stick Flag Brackets
Our stick flag brackets attach easily to the wall to support your stick flag.
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