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Flags |  Historical Flags |  Hist. Georgia (1956-2001) Flags

Hist. Georgia (1956-2001) Flags

The state flag used from 1956-2001 featured a prominent Confederate Battle Flag which some found offensive due to memories of its historical use by the Confederate States of America and its' current use as a symbol used by various white supremacy groups. Soon after it was repealed as the state flag in 2001, the city fathers of Trenton, Georgia adopted it as the official city flag with no public opposition. It flies in the city hall/police department, in the city park, and at most local businesses that have a flagpole.

Product Image Item Name Price
Historical Georgia (1956-2001) Flags Nylon

Historical Georgia (1956-2001) Flags Nylon

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Hist. Georgia (1956-2001) 4" x 6" Stick Flags

Hist. Georgia (1956-2001) 4" x 6" Stick Flags

Priced as low as:
Min:  12

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