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American Stick Flags

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to express your patriotism, try our US mini stick flags. Made in America, we offer miniature stick flags in 2 varieties. Our 8" x 12" and 12" x 18" stick flags are available either with hemmed edges or our economical no-fray cotton mounted flags. Our 4" x 6" and 6" x 9" stick flags are only available in our economic no fray material. We offer four sizes which all come with a wooden staff and a blunt spear top. We also offer international stick flags, state stick flags, military stick flags, historical stick flags, religious stick flags, and custom stick flags.

Product Image Item Name Price
American Stick Flags 4" x 6"

American Stick Flags 4" x 6"

Priced as low as:
Min:  12
American Stick Flags 6" x 9"

American Stick Flags 6" x 9"

Priced as low as:
Min:  12
American Stick Flags 8" x 12"

American Stick Flags 8" x 12"

Priced as low as:
Min:  12

American Stick Flags 12" x 18"

American Stick Flags 12" x 18"

Priced as low as:
Min:  12

American Classroom Flags

American Classroom Flags

Priced as low as:

Stick Flags (Miniature Flags)

International Stick Flags International Stick Flags
We carry our popular international stick flags for over 200 different countries.
State Stick Flags State Stick Flags
Our state stick flags are extremely popular and are available for all 50 States.
Military Stick Flags Military Stick Flags
Military stick flags are a popular way to honor loved ones who served our country.
Historical Stick Flags Historical Stick Flags
We carry historical stick flags which are an inexpensive way to honor our nations history.
Religious Stick Flags Religious Stick Flags
All of our religious flags are available in 4" x 6" stick flags at extremely low prices.
Custom Stick Flags Custom Stick Flags
Need stick flags for your business, event, or orginization? Let us make them for you.

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