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Custom Flags

Custom flags are an excellent way to promote your company, organization, or event. Adding your name, logo, or advertisement to a flag or banner can provide an eye-catching display. We offer full color printing including feather flags, vinyl banners, and pole flags to satisfy any application.  As always, we work very hard to offer the lowest prices possible on all of our custom flags. Ordering custom flags can be a daunting task. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. One of our experienced customer service representatives will be happy to guide you through the process.

Custom Flags Help Spread Your Message!

Custom flags are a perfect visual way to get your message across, whatever that message may be. Whether you want to make a personal statement or advertise your business, you can say it best by helping design and produce the right custom flag or flags. You can choose from custom full color flags, feather flags, custom printed banners or a combination of flag types.

Custom Printed Flags

Custom full color flags are printed on one side to the highest digital printing standards, on the best quality material. They are ideal for advertising businesses, events, sports teams and communities. With high quality artwork, these can be produced in sizes starting from 2' x 3' all the way to 10' x 15'.

Flags are polyester, which takes the digital design perfectly and is extremely durable. Modern inks are fade resistant, so printed flags hold their color and artwork stays sharp over time. Flags also come with hard wearing canvas headings to retain their shape.

Custom Vinyl Banners

Many businesses choose custom printed full color vinyl banners to highlight their premises, or especially sales events. These banners are excellent for highlighting digital printing to its very best effect. The 13 oz vinyl is smooth on its printed side, which highlights the quality of the print and design in incredible detail.

Vinyl banners can be taken down, rolled, stored and used again and again without fading or suffering any damage. They are ideal for regular events such as annual school meets, as well as for highlighting sales events and special offers. A well placed vinyl banner can be visible over a wide area.

Printed vinyl banners are UV resistant and waterproof. They can be used indoors and outdoors, at any time of year.

Custom Feather Flags

Custom printed feather flags are made with digital print technology and Japanese inks on knitted polyester. They come in swooper and wind-free (windless) models, which can be ideal for both outdoor use and indoor events. They are perfect for creating a dynamic atmosphere around an event or venue.

Swooper feather flags are designed to flutter in the wind, so are best used outdoors. They create an air of excitement, especially if placed at locations leading up to a special event. They can be used to display logos of the very highest quality, as well as using graphics to point the way to a venue.

Wind-free, or windless feather flags are ideal for dynamic indoor displays. They maintain their full width at all times, allowing the printed designs to be displayed to their full effect. This gives the client, designer and potential customer the best opportunity to see exactly what the feather flag is advertising.

By using similar designs on both swooper and windless feather flags, you can create a real atmosphere around an event. High quality print and materials give you real control over your feather flag display.