Custom Feather Flags

We are a direct source for custom printed Wind-Free and Swooper Feather Flags, both of which measure 11.5' x 2.5' and stand 15' tall when fully assembled. These flags make a large promotional impact at a very cost-effective price. We strictly specialize in these two popular styles and their associated hardware, which enables us to offer superior quality and lower prices than the competition! We custom print our flags in the United States, which enables us to offer speedy turnaround times and the highest quality printing possible. Our flags are digitally printed with durable Japanese inks on durable warp-knitted polyester fabric and are finished with a heavy-duty oxford sleeve. Feather flags are perfect for trade shows, soccer teams, ski resorts, or any type of business looking to create a dynamic display.

Custom Wind-Free Feather Flag

Custom Swooper Feather Flags measure 11-1/2 ft. tall (15ft. tall including the pole set) and feature a a sleeve which extends fully to the end of the flag so the message is fully visible even when there is no wind.

$79.95 ea.

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Custom Swooper Feather Flag

Custom Swooper Feather Flags measure 11-1/2 ft. tall (15ft. tall including the pole set) and feature a free-flying end that flutters in the wind. Digitally printed in full color using vibrant inks in the United States.

$79.95 ea.

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Feather Flag Styles

We offer factory direct pricing on our Custom Wind-Free and Swooper Feather Flags, both of which stand 15' tall when fully assembled. All of our flags are proudly printed in the United States using state of the art digital printing equipment for the best quality and fast turnaround times.

Available Feather Flag Sizes

Custom Wind-Free Feather Flags

Our Custom Wind-Free Feather Flags measure 11.5' x 2.5' and stand 15' tall when fully assembled with the pole set. These flags feature a sleeve which extends fully to the end of the flag so the message is fully visible even when there is no wind or breeze. Wind-Free Flags, which are often referred to as "Full Sleeve" or "Windless" Flags are a great choice for placement indoors or outdoors. No matter the weather conditions, your entire message will be visible at all times! These flags are perfect for use indoors at trade shows and special events or outdoors at sporting events, churches, races, special events, and of course, as a promotional tool across the front line of your business! This is our Best Selling Custom Feather Flag!

Custom Swooper Feather Flags

Swooper Feather Flags measure 11.5 x 2.5' and stand 15' tall when fully assembled with the pole set. These flags feature a free-flying end that flutters in the breeze, which serves to "wave" potential customers into your establishment. Swooper flags are not recommended if you will be displaying the flag in an environment without any breeze. If you already own Swooper hardware, this is the preferred option. If you do not already own hardware, the Wind-Free Flags are recommended.

Stand Options

Our stands are designed by and manufactured exclusively for us to our exacting specifications from extra heavy duty steel and are finished with a durable powder-coated finish to withstand the elements. We encourage you to compare our quality to the competition - You will find that our hardware is unique to us and is built to last!

Ground Spike

Ground Spike

Ground Spikes are recommended for installing your flag set in grassy or dirt areas. Our ground spikes are manufactured from durable plate steel and tubing with extra thick walls to resist denting provide long-lasting support for your flagpole. They are finished with a heavy silver powder-coating to withstand the elements. All welds are full-line as opposed to spot welds for added durability.

Tire Base

Tire Base

Tire Bases are recommended for use under the tire of a vehicle; These are often used at car dealerships. Our Tire Bases are manufactured from extra thick angle iron and steel tubing and finished with a heavy silver powder-coating to withstand the elements. All welds are full-line as opposed to spot welds for added durability.

X-Stand & Sand Bag

X-Stand & Sand Bag

X-Stands (Cross Bases) are recommended for use on solid firm ground such as a sidewalk or indoors at a trade show. Included in the set is our X-Stand and Sand Bag for providing the necessary weight to support your flagpole. Our X-Stand is manufactured from durable plate steel and finished with a heavy black powder-coating to withstand the elements. Please note: Sand is not included.

Double-Sided & Single Sided Feather Flags

We offer our Wind-Free Feather Flags in double-sided or single-sided varieties, while our Swooper Feather Flags are only offered in the single-sided variety. With a single-sided flag, the image is printed on one side of the flag and the reverse image bleeds through to the back. In contrast, a double-sided feather flag is actually comprised of two flags which are sewn together with a liner in the middle. With double sided feather flags, the design is visible in the correct orientation from both sides.

Double-Sided flags weigh more than double the weight, and therefore are not suitable for swooper flags since swooper flags are designed to flutter in the wind. One of the additional nice features of a double sided feather flag is the option to use a different design on each side of the flag!

In most cases, a single-sided flag will be suitable, however, if you insist on having a message that is in the correct orientation on both sides, it may be worth the additional cost for a 2-sided flag.

Double-Sided vs. Single Sided Feather Flags

Durable Feather Flag Poles

Aluminum Feather Flag Poles

Our Deluxe 4-Piece Feather Flag Pole Sets are constructed from extra heavy duty aluminum tubing and are finished with an anodized coating to withstand the elements. Our flagpoles are unique in that the diameter of the pole is the same from the top section to the bottom section for added durability. Each section swedges together to form a finished 15 ft. tall pole set. Our unique pole sets are substantially more durable compared to competing products that feature "tapered" or "telescoping" designs, whereby each section of the pole becomes progressively smaller from the bottom to the top. Likewise, our sturdy aluminum poles are more durable than competing fiberglass poles which can bend and break more easily. We urge you to compare our quality to the competition!

Stand Out From The Competition

Custom Feather Flags are a very direct, physical way of announcing your company's presence and to help attract customers to your establishment. Our Custom Feather flags are printed with the latest digital technology to help you deliver your message in vibrant full color graphics. We can print images that are as simple or complex as required using vibrant inks which creates highly detailed imagery. We utilize state-of-the-art digital printing equipment and the the highest quality Japanese inks to deliver the highest quality full color imprint on the market. Whether your design features 1 color or 100 colors, the price and quality remain the same! Custom feather flags are an extremely effective way of promoting your business or event and offer an excellent value proposition since they are inexpensive compared to traditional advertising methods such as television, online, print and radio advertising. We recommend carefully choosing your designs and placing your feather flags strategically across your property to make the most of your advertising budget!

Installation/Setup of Feather Flag Sets

  1. Prepare your Flagpole Base
    • If you are using a ground spike, gather a mallet and your ground spike at the desired installation location. Position the ground spike with the spike-end pointing into the ground and repeatedly strike the ground spike with the mallet until the ground spike is fully secured into the ground. Be careful to ensure that the ground spike is installed level with the ground. Please note that ground spikes are for use into the earth such as in grassy areas. Make sure that the ground spike is secured fully into the ground, to prevent any possibility of the base toppling over in extreme winds. Once the flag is installed on the pole and placed into the base, the flag will act much like a sail on a sail boat, capturing the energy of the wind, so the ground spike must be installed deeply into the ground for a secure installation.
    • For installation with a tire base drive your vehicle to the desired installation location. Once your vehicle is positioned, place the car into reverse and back the vehicle up about 1 foot. Next, place the tire base underneath the location where the front tire will rest once the vehicle is driven forward into position. Now, drive the vehicle forward positioning the front wheel over the tire base. It may be helpful to have two people present for a tire base installation: one person to drive the vehicle and the second person to position the tire base under the front wheel.
    • For installation with an X-Stand and sand bag, you will first need to obtain sand. We recommend purchasing a bag of "play sand" from your local hardware store. Once you have obtained sand, open the zipper on the sand bag and carefully scoop the sand into the bag using a cup. Once the sand bag is full, close the zipper. Next, take remove the screw from the tube of the x-stand and position the smaller cross piece underneath the larger cross piece on the ground, with the tube on top. Secure the screw through the three sections, effectively securing the together and tighten the screw. Now, place the sand bag on top of the assembled X-Stand to provide the necessary weight for stabilization.
  2. Setup the Pole

    Our flagpole sets are constructed from four sections of durable and rust-proof anodized aluminum tubing. Three of the sections are straight with one swedged end, while the fourth section is curved. To setup your flagpole, begin by assembling the four sections of the flagpole. Start by placing one of the straight sections of pole with the swedged section pointing towards the sky. Then add a second straight section on top of the first section, again, with the swedged section pointing upwards. Again, add a straights section to the top of the pole with the swedged end pointing towards the sky. Finally, add the curved section to the top of the pole.

  3. Install the Flag

    First, remove the flag from the packaging and unfold the flag. Look for the bottom of your flag, where the sleeve should be open in order to accept the pole. Then carefully slide the flag over the top curved section of the pole, working the flag carefully down the flag until it is fully positioned on the pole. This step is best performed with two people: one person holding the pole in an angled position and the second person sliding the flag over the pole.

  4. Complete Your Display

    Finally place the flagpole with the flag into your flagpole base and your installation is complete! Please note, that we suggest bringing in your flag/pole each night for maximum longevity. This effectively cuts the exposure time of the flag in half, since it is not longer exposed to the elements during non-work hours. The bases can be left outside during the night.

Maintenance & Care

Our flags are constructed from durable and lightweight knitted polyester fabric that is designed for indoor or outdoor use, however, if you are using your flag outdoors, we recommend bringing the flag indoors each night, which will reduce the exposure to the elements by at least 50% and extend the life of the flag by double.

Our flags can be washed by hand using soap, cold water, and light scrubbing, or in a washing machine on a light setting with cold water. Alternatively, the flags can be cleaned while mounted on the pole using a hose and light pressure (do not use a power washer, which can damage the flag). Do not use a dryer to expedite the drying process (even the tumble setting can damage the flags) - our flags must be air dried, either by installing the flag on the pole or by hanging on a clothesline. Do not iron the flags - wrinkles and folds will naturally be worked out once the flags are mounted on the pole and exposed to heat and light breeze.

We recommend storing the flags in the original poly bag or box that they arrived to you in. Do not place heavy objects on top of the flag, which can cause damage. Extreme temperatures can cause damage to the fabric, so we recommend storing the flags in a dry place that is 75 degrees or below.

PMS Color Matching

PMS Color Matching

We are one of the very few manufacturers of feather flags with the capability of matching PMS colors very closely. We are able to do this since we manufacture our flags in the United States. Compare this to most of our competitors who produce their flags in China where colors will vary dramatically from one order to the next. If you have particular color(s) that you desire for the imprint on your feather flag, please specify the PMS Colors in your adobe illustrator art file or the special instructions box when placing your order. If you do not specify PMS colors, we will print your flag using the CMYK files specified in your artwork. If your artwork is prepared in RGB, we will convert the file from RGB to CMYK before printing.


The longevity and durability of our flags is dependent upon the weather conditions that they are exposed to. For example, flags used in climates with extremely aggressive and direct sunlight are more likely to fade faster. Likewise, flags used for prolonged periods in extremely windy weather are likely to wear faster. Generally speaking, you can expect your flag to last approximately 6-9 months before fading and wearing out, however, we do not provide any warranty for the lifespan of our flags, due to the unpredictable nature of the weather. If you are using your flag indoors exclusively, your flag will last virtually forever. We always recommend bringing your flags and poles indoors each night to dramatically extend the life of your flag and pole.


Artwork is not required to order a custom feather flag. If you do not have artwork, simply submit a description of your desired imprint and our art department will prepare a proof for you to review. If you are submitting artwork, the highest quality imprint is achieved by using our templates and submitting vector artwork in .eps, .ai, .svg, or .pdf formats. We also accept very high resolution (300dpi) raster images that are prepared at the actual imprint size. Regardless of the artwork or design instructions that you submit with your order, our art department will work with you to convert your existing artwork to a vector format or to alter your design so that it will work with a custom feather flag. If you have any concerns about your design or artwork, please reach out to us by chat, email, or phone before placing your order.