International Flags & National Anthems of the World

We offer a comprehensive selection of over 200+ international flags from around the world. All of these flags are constructed from durable nylon to withstand the elements and are available in indoor and outdoor varieties. Outdoor flags feature a canvas heading and brass grommets, whereas indoor flags are constructed with a pole hem, fabric tab, and your choice of with or without golden fringe.

In addition to selling flags we offer the most comprehensive source for information pertaining to the flags and national anthems of all of the countries of the world. We maintain an archive of the audio for each of the National Anthems of the World, historical information about each international flag, and demographic data about each country as a courtesy to our customers. We have also compiled the most complete collection of the English translations of lyrics for the national anthems of the world and the offer the option to listen to the audio for each anthem.

National Flags are a Symbol of Identity and National-Pride

International flags are an important and emotionally-packed symbol that represents the identity of a country. To understand their importance, one only needs to observe a world cup soccer match or Olympic event where supporters of each country drape their bodies in flags and paint their faces in the colors of their nation. To many people, their national identities are an important aspect of who they are and the flag is a symbol of all of the unique aspects of their country including the culture, the people, the environment, the animals, the natural resources, and their history.

Although flags are used in many aspects of life including representing schools, local states and cities, and sports teams, international flags tend to engender the strongest emotional reactions. Although they are merely pieces of printed fabric, national flags serve as important symbols of national pride and identity. For example, patriotic Americans take pride in the fact that their American Flag should be manufactured well in the United States. Fundamentally, there is no aspect of geography would alter the construction of a flag in any way; Nylon and Polyester can be procured in any country and likewise the same printing equipment and inks can be purchased all across the world, yet, it is extremely important to Patriotic Americans that their US flag be manufactured in the United States and that it be manufactured to the highest quality possible. This is because the item serves as a symbol of American Exceptionalism. To manufacture an American Flag outside of the United States OR to manufacture the flag poorly in the United States would undermine this ideal. In the United States, the flag is such an important symbol that we even have a national flag code, which outlines proper protocol and etiquette for use and disposal of the US Flag.

One of the most interesting displays with respect to nationalism to observe is when the Mexican national soccer team plays a match on American soil. Mexican immigrants to the United States attend these games in droves to support their home-nation's team. They arrive with throngs of Mexican Flags and paraphernalia to support their team. When the national anthem plays before the game, these folks typically belt out both the Mexican National Anthem and the United States National Anthem in full throat.  It is an interesting study of sociology, that these people uprooted their entire lives to leave Mexico in search of better opportunistic in the United States, yet still feel a strong sense of pride and identity for towards their home country and their adopted country.

Recurring Themes among International Flags

National flags are typically designed with the use of many symbolic colors elements. One of the common trends that run throughout the international flags of the world are the use of colors to represent may of the same things. For example, red is commonly used to represent bloodshed, while blue is often used to represent the sky or water. Green is usually used to represent nature, while yellow or gold is commonly used as a symbol of the sun.

Many national flags are designed to pay respect to a struggle for independence. As a result of this, many flags pay tribute to the winning political party that helped secure the independence. For example, the color red is often associated with communist regimes.

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If you cannot find the flag you are looking for, please keep in mind that we can custom print any design you may be looking for on knitted polyester fabric. Likewise, keep in mind that we not only carry the flags, but also the hardware required to display these flags indoors or outdoors. If you are seeking to display your flag indoors, consider our Build Your Own Indoor International Flag Set program, which allows you to select your flag of choice along with premium indoor hardware to create a beautiful presentation. Similarly, if you are looking to display your international flag as a wall-mount presentation on the front of your house, consider our Build Your Own Outdoor International Flag Set program. If you are simply looking to display a flag on a wall such as in a bedroom, our outdoor flags are the correct solution as the flags can easily be hung on the wall from the grommets. If you have any questions, please reach out to us by phone, email, or chat. We are looking forward to working with you and are always happy to assist you in making the best selection of flags and hardware.