Nautical Flags, Boat Flags

We carry a complete selection of nautical flags including International Code of Signals Flags, Nautical American Flags, US Union Jacks, and much more. When choosing a flag for your boat, it is important to consider the durability and quality of construction since your flag will be exposed to the harshest outdoor elements including salt water, wind, fierce sunlight, and rain. All of these flags are made in the United States from premium quality nylon to withstand the rigors of wind, sun, and harsh weather encountered in nautical environments. Some competitors sell inferior imported flags that will tear and weather within weeks. Our flags are built-to-last with top quality stitching, fabrics, and vibrant long-lasting printing. As always, with Flagdom, you can expect a premium quality flag with a fair price. We remove all of the unnecessary packaging and marketing materials to provide the best quality and value to our customers.

Marine Flags for Communication

As long as ships have navigated the seas, sailors have used flags as a means to communicate messages. Nautical flags harken back to a time when communication technologies such as radio and the internet did not exist and therefore a simple method was needed to communicate various messages.

The International Code of Signals Flags are the most prominently used flag-based communication system amongst ships. This internationally recognized language is comprised of symbols on flags that are used to communicate specific messages, letters, and numbers between vessels. Under this system, different flags are hoisted above the ship to communicate different messages. In some cases flags can have different meanings depending upon whether they are raised independently or in conjunction with other flags. This communication system is comprised of a different letter flag for each letter of the alphabet, a different numeral pennant for the number 1 through 10, and 4 substitute and answering pennants. The system is extremely effective since the language is universal, therefore, regardless of the language spoken on different ships, the flags still communicate the same message. Each letter/number/pennant has its own unique meaning and when different flags are used in conjunction with one another different meanings are communicated.

Nautical Flags for Identification

Today, nearly every vessel on the seas flies the flag identifying their country of origin. We offer 4 different sizes of nautical American Flags, all of which are constructed from durable nylon with embroidered stars and sewn stripes for maximum durability on the high seas. The sizes available are 12in x 18in, 16in x 24in, and 20in x 30 which are unique sizes specifically tailored towards display on boats.

The U.S. Yacht Ensign is a variation of the American Flag which is used in lieu of the traditional American Flag on yachts that are only traveling with U.S. waters. At one time, this flag was required of yachts and other "pleasure-craft", however, at this time the flag is only used to pay homage to the tradition.

The U.S. Navy and the U.S. Coast Guard display a U.S. Jack flag on the bow (front) of their vessels in addition to the US Flag which is displayed at the rear of the vessel. The US Jack Flags are only displayed when the boats are anchored or moored. Once the vessel begins its journey, the U.S. Jack is lowered so that only the American Flag is displayed at the rear of the boat.

The First Navy Jack is an identifying flag that was used historically by the U.S. Navy on vessels that were moored or anchored. This flag was used from 1975 to 1976 and from 2002 to 2019, however as of 2019, the U.S. Navy now uses the U.S. Jack, except on historical vessels. The First Navy Jack is still displayed by some to pay homage to its history.

Aside from communicating messages, custom printed flags are also used at sea as to symbolize and identify the ownership of the vessel. In the case of a private individual owner of a vessel, this flag is called a "private signal," whereas if the vessel is owned by a company, the identifying flag is called a "house flag." Similarly, flags are also used to denote associations with organizations; members of yacht clubs or sailing organizations often fly their club's unique flag.

If you require a custom flag for your boat, we recommend a double-sided 12" x 18" double-sided flag. We are able to custom print your design in full color on knitted polyester fabric in high resolution with vibrant eco-friendly inks. Use your imagination and create a flag that uniquely identifies your boat with imagery and symbolism that is recognizable and meaningful to you.

The Jolly Roger Flag is an example of a private signal that was used by pirates to identify their vessel. Although, today, we sell a generic "Jolly Roger Flag," originally different versions of the white skull and crossbones on a black flag were used as unique identifiers of specific pirate captains, including Sam Bellamy, Edward England, and John Taylor during the 1700s. Other flag designs were used to identify different pirate ships, however, this is the design that is the most notorious.