Flagpoles & Hardware

Shop our complete selection of indoor, outdoor, and stick flag hardware.  For outdoor displays, we offer residential in-ground flagpoles which are perfect for the front yard or wall-mount flagpoles and brackets which add a nice touch to any front porch.  We also offer all of the necessary hardware for indoor presentations including stands, indoor flagpoles, ornaments, tassel and flag spreaders.  If you are in need of a complete set including the flag, try our Build Your Own Flag Set program which allows you to mix and match flags with hardware to assemble the perfect set for you.

Outdoor Hardware

We offer all of the necessary hardware for mounting feather flags as well as residential wall-mount and residential in-ground applications.

Indoor Hardware

We offer all of the hardware needed for indoor presentation sets including flag spreaders, tassel, indoor flagpoles, indoor flagpole ornaments, and indoor flagpole stands.

Stick Flag Hardware

We offer plastic bases for our 4"x6" stick flags to support 1, 2, 3, or 4 flags.