Car Flags

Our car window flags are constructed from heavy-duty knitted polyester material and sturdy 20" tall polypropylene poles. Each flag measures 11"x15" which is larger than the car flags offered by nearly all competitors. We use a heavier polyester fabric compared to the competition which provides extra durability for our car flags to outlast the competition. Whether it is USA, Checkered, Stock Message, or Logo Flags you need, we have them all!

Our car flags are are screen printed with state of the art printing equipment. Compare our flags to competitors who often use inferior printing techniques such as digital printing, sublimation, or screen printing with cheap pigment-based inks. All of our car flags are screen printed with dye-based inks for maximum fade resistance and durability. Dye-based inks offer the advantage of brighter, more vibrant, and longer lasting colors that do not run or fade as quickly.

Car flags are most popularly used as a way for car dealerships to decorate their lot. Many dealerships use a car window flag on every car on their lot to create an attractive display that draws attention. The most popular style of car flag is our USA car flag, however dealerships will also mix-n-match a variety of designs of car flags to draw attention to specific vehicles or promote programs that they are running.

In addition to their use as a promotional tool for car dealerships, USA car flags are a popular item for individuals looking to decorate their cars with a patriotic motif. The poles we use on our car flags are very strong and durable, which makes them a good choice for this application. We also offer very competitive pricing since we are the direct importer and designer for this product.

Used Cars Car Flag

Used Cars Car Flag

Item #: CARFL-019

$2.65 - $3.75

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We Finance Car Flag

We Finance Car Flag

Item #: CARFL-020

$2.65 - $3.75

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Compare Our Car Flags to the Competition

We are the designer and direct importer of our car flags and make every effort to offer the absolute best quality product on the market. You will find that our car flags offer the following advantages compared to the competition:

  • Our car flags are larger than the competition, measuring in at 11" x 15" with a large 20" tall and durable staff. The larger size helps to make a more attractive display on your lot.
  • We produce our flags with the strongest 110gsm knitted polyester material and a strong sleeve made from durable polyester fabric. You will find that our competitors sleeves are prone to tearing after being exposed to the elements for long periods of time. Our sleeve material is chosen for its durability and withstanding the elements for as long as possible given the nature of the product.
  • Our car flags are double hemmed all the way around to prolong the life of the flag and prevent fraying. Moreover, you will find that our flags are sewn together with great care not to sew over any of the important details of the flag. For example, some of our competitors flags will often have hemming directly over the stars on the american flag or stitching covering the top portion of wording on a slogan flag. These flags are being used to represent your business; There is nothing worse than a tattered and worn flag that reflects poorly upon the visual appearance of your lot.
  • Our durable 20" tall heavy duty poles will not bend or break during shipping or during use.  Some of our competitors use very wimpy 17" poles which do not even extend above the top of the car, so you will find your flag flapping in the wind directly into the car.  Our poles are designed for durability and have a clip which fits comfortable and snugly over the car window.  Be warned about competitors car flags that do not fit comfortably on the car window and risk damaging the vehicle.  Every aspect of our car flags has been carefully chosen and evaluate for the best quality and durability.
  • Compare our designs to the competition.  All of our artwork was created by our in-house art department.  We take great pride in offering the most modern, dynamic, and vibrant graphics to help your dealership stand out.
  • We have the largest inventory of car flags on the east coast of the United States and can ship car flags the same day if orders are placed before 3pm EST.
  • We are the industry leaders in car flags.  If you have any questions or need assistance on a large quantity order, we are here to help you.

How to Use Car Flags

  • Consider decorating your entire lot with USA car flags for a patriotic motif which can be done in conjunction with other patriotic decor such as American-themed feather flags, vertical flags, patriotic car bows, etc. This is an especially popular look during the summer months to celebrate the 4th of July and Memorial Day.
  • Used car dealerships will often buy an assortment of car flags such as "Best Buys Here," "Buy Here Pay Here," and "Look," among others to create a dynamic, visually attractive, colorful display that promotes some of the services and financing/payment options offered by the dealership.