Flagpole Installation

We offer professional installation of commercial and residential flagpoles in Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Delaware County. Customers in Philadelphia, Doylestown, Abington, Cheltenham, Upper Dublin, Huntingdon Valley, Southampton, Yardley, and the surrounding areas have used us to purchase US flags and flagpoles at wholesale prices since 1982. We use the highest quality, American made components and guarantee a professional installation every time.

We offer flagpole installation service in the following areas:

  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Bucks County, PA
  • Montgomery County, PA
  • Delaware County, PA

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  1. The key to a successful flagpole installation is the construction of a secure foundation. A properly installed flagpole should be secured by concrete foundation that is no less than 10% of the total height of the pole. The base of the hole should be approximately 4 times the butt diameter of the pole, while the top of the hole should be approximately 5 times the butt diameter of the pole.
  2. Once the hole is dug, set the ground sleeve inside the hole and make sure that the ground sleeve is level. Once the ground sleeve is adequately positioned and level, pieces of wood along with any other necessary rigging should be used to secure the ground sleeve in place while concrete is poured and sets.
  3. Once the concrete has set with the ground sleeve in place, it is time to assemble the flagpole.
  4. The first step to assembling a flagpole is unwrap all of the materials.
    • If the pole is sectional, carefully lay out the sections in the proper order. Once the sections area laid out, you can begin connecting the pieces to one-another, starting from the bottom and working towards the top. If experiencing difficulty connecting the sections together, dish washing soap can be used on the male part of the sections to provide lubrication for easier fitting. To slide the pieces together, rotate the pole by 180° with every 2 to 3 inches to facilitate an easier fit.
  5. Locate the finial ball and the truck and then secure the two pieces together. Typically this process includes screwing the balls spindle into the truck, and tightening any nuts/bolts. This process may vary slightly on different flagpole models.
  6. Attach the truck with finial to the top of the flagpole. Typically this process includes screwing the truck into the threaded portion of the top of the flagpole. This process varies slightly on different flagpole models. If installing a stationary truck flagpole, make sure to secure any screws and bolts.
  7. Feed the halyard around the pulley of the truck and down the side of the flagpole to the cleat. Tie both ends together forming a complete loop. Space the snap hooks and neoprene covers at equal distance on either side of the knot to accommodate the desired flag size.
  8. Secure the cleat to the flagpole using the screws provided and the pre-drilled holes in the flagpole. The cleat is typically installed at 4’-6” If a second cleat is desired, it is typically mounted at 180 degrees from the first.
  9. Before standing flagpole, slide the flash collar up from bottom and secure at the location of the cleat holes with tape on underside of flash collar to prevent slipping.
  10. Stand flagpole into previously installed ground sleeve. For larger flagpoles, this process may require a crane or backhoe. When installing sectional flagpoles, arrange the rigging for the lift in such a way that weight of the pole sections is supported from the bottom of the pole so that the flagpole joints are pushed together not pulled apart during the lift.
  11. After inserting flagpole into ground sleeve, plumb flagpole with wooden wedges and then fill space between ground sleeve and flagpole with screened dry sand to about 2” from top. Then cap off with waterproof cement. For stationary-truck flagpoles, turn to align truck with the wind before securing pole into the ground.

Please call us: 800.443.4333 For a quotation on your flagpole installation