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International Code of Signals Flags

International code of signal flags are used to communicate between ships or between a ship and the shore. They consist of flags and pennants of varying colors, shapes and markings. The flags have independent meanings; however when used together they can spell out words and communicate complex messages. The flags include 26 flags which denote the letters of the alphabet, ten numeral pennants, one answering pennant, and three substituters or repeaters.

These flags are designed using the colors red, blue, black, and white since these are most easily distinguished at sea. Moreover, the flags are designed so that only contrasting colors are used together on the same flag.

Our International maritime signal flags are constructed using durable marine-grade nylon and are 100% sewn to endure the elements. We offer you the option to buy one flag or buy the whole set of 40 flags.

Alphabet Flags

Numeral Pennants

Substitute & Answering Pennants