• Made in USA
    Lest They Be Forgotten Flag Outdoor Nylon
  • Made In USA
  • Show your support for those that made the ultimate sacrifice.
  • This design of this flag was created by Gregg Garvey, the father of Sergeant Justin "Hobie" Garvey after his son was killed in the line of service. The flag was created to serve as a tribute to his son and all service members who have given their lives for our country. Valley Forge Flag, who is the manufacturer of this flag, has partnered with the "Lest They Be Forgotten Foundation," whose mission is to establish memorials across the country for service members who sacrificed their lived during the war in Iraq.
  • The flag features a white background with a gold border and one gold star in the upper left corner. At the bottom of the flag in red text reads, "Lest they be Forgotten." The central imagery of the flag is a black field and gun with a helmet on top which form the shape of a cross. Each color and symbol featured on the flag is designed to hold a special and symbolic meaning. The white background of the flag represents the purity of the hearts and spirits of those who died, while the black field and cross stand for the dedication to service. The red text stands for the bloodshed, while the gold star is symbolic of the Gold Star Families who are left behind and the gold border which frames the flag represents the precious memories that the families will hold onto of their loved ones.
  • Constructed with 100% Nylon for the most demanding commercial and residential use.
  • Resistant to the wear and tear of sun and rain.
  • Finished with heavy canvas heading and brass grommets.
  • Printed with beautiful, brilliant colors.
  • Available in 1 size:
    • 3' x 5'

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Lest They Be Forgotten Flag Outdoor Nylon

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