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Alaska Flag

Shop for authentic Alaska Flags. We offer indoor and outdoor Alaska flags in durable nylon. Our outdoor flags are finished with a canvas heading, while indoor flags are finished with a lined pole hem and your choice of with or without fringe. We also offer indoor and outdoor Alaska flag sets.

History of the Alaska Flag

The Alaska State Flag features a dark blue field with eight gold stars in the shape of the "big dipper." The North star (the eighth star) is larger than the other seven stars. The "Big Dipper" is an asterism (a popular known pattern of a group of stars) in the constellation of Ursa Major. The blue color represents the sky, sea and lakes as well as Alaska's wildflowers and the stars represent the Ursa Major constellation which is a symbol of strength, with the North Star representing Alaska, the Northernmost state. It was also stated that the North Star represents "the ever-constant star for the mariner, the explorer, hunter, trapper, prospector, woodsman, and the surveyor."

The Alaska State Flag was designed by a 13 year old, named Benny Benson after a contest was held to design the flag in 1927. When he was asked to describe the flag, he stated "The blue field is for the Alaska sky and the forget-me-not, an Alaskan flower. The North Star is for the future State of Alaska, the most northerly state in the union. The Dipper is for the Great Bear – symbolizing strength."

Alaska is a state that is located in the Northwest corner of North America. It is the largest state of the United States of America and shares borders with Canada, Beaufort Sea, Arctic Ocean, Bering Sea, Chukchi Sea, Pacific Ocean, and Gulf of Alaska. It is one of the few states that does not touch any other state. The capital of Alaska is Juneau and the biggest city is called Anchorage. Despite being the largest state, Alaska is the least populated state. Alaska is derived from "Aleyska" which translates as "Great Land" and is also referred to as "The Last Frontier" due to the large areas of land that it is home to that haven't been charted or explored and because of its opportunities. It is also known as "Land of the Midnight Sun" because for two months during the summer, the sun does not set in the Northernmost part of Alaska.

In 1784, the Russians settled in Alaska and occupied the area until 1867, when the United States of America bought Alaska from the Russians for 7.2 million dollars (which is the equivalent of 120 million dollars today) which equaled 2 cents per acre. This was known as the "Alaska Purchase." Alaska became an incorporated territory on May 11th, 1912 and was declared and recognized as the 49th State on January 3rd, 1959. Alaska is a very popular tourist destination due to the rich culture of the State and the beautiful scenery and landmarks that it is home to as well as rare wild animals. Alaska is also home to the largest glacier in North America called the "Bering Glacier."

663,268 sq mi
710,231 (2010)
"The Last Frontier" or "Land of the Midnight Sun" or "Seward's Icebox"
State Flower
State Bird
Willow Ptarmigan