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Idaho Flag

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History of the Idaho Flag

The Idaho State Flag features a dark blue field that has the Idaho's State Seal in the center (it is not as detailed as the great Idaho Seal) and underneath the seal the "State of Idaho" is written in gold letters on a red and gold band with a white star in the center. The seal features a woman on the left-hand side holding some scales and a liberty cap with Syringa flowers (Idaho state flower) growing at her feet and wheat on her left. On the right-hand side is a plowing man holding a pick and shovel and in the middle of the woman and man is a shield with an elk's head rising above it with a band above that says "Esto Perpetua." Below the shield is a sheaf of grain. In the center of the shield is a palm tree, river and snow-capped mountains. The scales and liberty cap (held by the woman) represent justice and liberty, the plowing man represents the rich agricultural in Idaho and the mining industry, and the fact that the woman and the man are the same height represents the fact that men and women are treated equally. The pine tree represents the timber industry in Idaho, the elk represents the protected game animals of the state (the elk and the moose) and the river represents the Snake or Shoshone River.

The band "Esto Perpetua" translates as "may it endure" which represents the states hope of lasting forever. The seal was designed by Emma Edwards Green and is the only seal to ever be designed by a woman. The Idaho State Flag was adopted on November 2nd, 1957.

Idaho is a state in the Northwestern area of the United States of America and shares borders with Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Washington, and Oregon. It also shares some Canadian border with British Columbia. The capital and most populous city of Idaho is called Boise. Idaho is referred to as "The Gem State" due to its ample, rich resources.

It is thought that Idaho has been inhabited for approximately 14,000 years with the first inhabitants being Native American Tribes which included Nez Perce, Coeur d'Alene, and Shoshone. Idaho was one of the last states that was explored by Europeans and the first Europeans that arrived to the area were British explorers Lewis and Clark, who arrived on August 12th, 1805, on their way to the Pacific Ocean. Shortly after their visit, fur traders began to arrive to the area as well as other traders, farmers and miners. The first establishment was "Franklin" which was established in 1860 by the Mormons. In 1846, Idaho officially became part of the United States of America during the Oregon Treaty with Britain and it joined Oregon in 1848. In 1853, when Oregon became its own territory, Idaho became part of Washington. In 1863, Idaho became its own territory and on July 3rd, 1890, Idaho officially became the United States of America 43rd state.

83,570 sq mi
1,567,582 (2010)
Gem State, Spud Government
State Flower
Syringa, Mock Orange
State Bird
Mountain Bluebird