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New York Flag

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New York Flag

The New York State Flag features a dark blue field with the states coat of arms in the center. The coat of arms features a shield with a masted ship and a sloop on the Hudson River that are bordered by a grassy shore with three mountains in the background with the sun rising behind them. On the left side of the shield is Liberty holding a pole with a cap at the end, and her left foot treading on the crown, and on the right side of the shield is Justice, wearing a blindfold and holding scales and a sword. Below the shield is a ribbon that writes "Excelsior" (which means "higher" or "superior") and above the shield is a globe with an eagle with spread wings on top of it.

The masted ship, sloop, and Hudson river represent the inland and foreign commerce, Liberty's foot on the crown represents the independence from the British monarchy, the blindfold on Justice represent impartiality, the scales represent fairness, and the sun represents a bright future for the state. The globe with the eagle on it represent might, power, and dominance and the blue color represents loyalty and boldness. The New York State Flag was adopted on April 1st, 1901.

New York is a state in the Northeastern region of the United States of America. It shares borders with Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Canada, and the Atlantic Ocean. The capital city is called Albany. New York has five boroughs, which are Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island. It is the most populated city in the United States of America and is described as being "the cultural, financial, and media capital of the world." New York is referred to as "The Empire State" due to its national and global importance and significance but it is famously known as "The Big Apple" as well as "The Great American Melting Pot," "Gotham", and "The City that Never Sleeps." It was named New York by the British in honor of the Duke of York.

New York was originally inhabited by two major groups of Native Americans which were the Iroquois and the Algonquian people. The Iroquois tribes included the Mohawk, Oneida, Cayuga, Onondaga, and Seneca. The first European to arrive to the area was British explorer Henry Hudson, who was seeking land for the Dutch. Henry Hudson founded New York Bay and the Hudson River and as a result, the surrounding area and land was claimed by the Dutch who began to settle there shortly after. The first establishment that settled was Fort Nassau in 1614 and was followed by Fort Orange (now known as Albany) in 1624 and Fort Amsterdam (now known as New York City) in 1625. In 1664, an English fleet arrived, taking control of the area and the city was renamed New York. Following the Revolutionary War and the thirteen colonies revolting against the British rule, New York officially became the 11th state on July 26th, 1788.

54,556 sq mi
19,378,102 (2010)
The Empire State
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State Bird
Eastern Bluebird