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Arizona Flag

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History of the Arizona Flag

The Arizona State Flag features thirteen alternate red and yellow rays on the top half and a blue band on the bottom half. In the center of the flag is a copper star (the 13 rays being emitted from the star). The thirteen rays of the flag represent the 13 original colonies, which are Virginia, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Delaware, North Carolina, New Jersey, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.

The red and yellow rays also represent Arizona's beautiful sunset over the rocks (red) and desert (yellow). The red and yellow colors symbolize Arizona's Spanish heritage and are the colors that are used on the Spanish Flag. The copper star is very significant and symbolic and represents Arizona's copper mining industry. The blue band of the Arizona State Flag represents the Colorado River.

The Arizona State Flag was adopted on January 25th, 1917 but was designed in 1911 when Charles Harris designed the flag for his rifle team. It has been officially stated that the Arizona State Flag "represents the copper state of Arizona rising from a blue field in the face of a setting sun."

Arizona is one of the Southwestern states of the United States of America and shares borders with New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California, and Colorado. The capital city of Arizona is Phoenix which is the largest city and the largest capital city in the United States of America. Arizona is also referred to as the "Grand Canyon State" and the "Copper State." Arizona is home to the famous grand-canyon and it is the biggest copper producing state in the United States of America.

The original inhabitants of Arizona were native American tribes which included Hohokam, Mogollan, and Ancestral Puebloan. The first European contact was in 1539 by explorer Marco De Niza. Spanish explorers were collecting to Arizona looking for gold, as well as priests who were looking to establish missions. The first Spanish settlements were Tubac in 1752 and Tucson in 1775. Following the Mexican-American war, the United States of America gained control of all the Southwest which included Arizona and they bought the land for 15 million dollars during the Treaty of Guadalupe Hiddalgo which was signed in 1848. In 1853, through the "Gadsden Purchase," more land was added to Arizona. At the beginning of the Civil War, Arizona then became part of the Territory of New Mexico which, in 1863, became a separate territory when President Lincoln signed a bill. Arizona became an official state on February 14th, 1912 and was the 48th state.

Arizona is one of the most visited states as it is home to the Grand Canyon, which is considered to be one of the seven natural wonders of the world as well as Cathedral Rock which is one of the most photographed sights in Arizona. Arizona is home to the largest number of national monuments than any other state.

113,998 sq mi
6,392,017 (2010)
The Grand Canyon State, The Copper State
State Flower
Saguaro Cactus blossom
State Bird
Cactus Wren