California State Flag

We carry authentic California State Flags in both indoor and outdoor varieties. Our flags are proudly made in the United States from durable nylon and are printed with vibrant long-lasting inks. The California state flag is often displayed at schools, government organizations, banks, and other institutions in the state, as well as at the homes of people who take great pride in their California heritage.

Our indoor flags are finished with a pole hem and your choice of with or without golden fringe. Gold Fringe is the traditional way to display an indoor flag, however, some people choose without fringe for a simple and clean look that is also less expensive. If you are looking for a complete indoor presentation set, our Build Your Own Indoor State Flag Set program allows you to select a durable nylon indoor California Flag and choose between premium quality poles, bases, and ornaments, and tassel. For indoor applications, most buyers choose a 3ft. x 5ft. flag with an 8ft. pole, however, if you have a low ceiling, you may opt for a 7ft. pole, which is designed to work with drop ceilings. If you are looking for a very substantial state flag display, our 4ft. x 6ft. indoor flags can be paired with a 9ft. pole for our largest indoor display option.

Our outdoor state flags are finished with a canvas header and brass grommets and are offered in five sizes: 2ft. x 3ft., 3ft. x 5ft., 4ft. x 6ft., 5ft. x 8ft., and 6ft. x 10ft., to fit any sized flagpole. Typically, outdoor flags are flown outside of government organizations and institutions on in-ground and wall-mount flagpoles, however, some people also buy these flags to display their state pride at home. If you are looking for a wall-mount California flag set to display outside of your home, our Build Your Own Outdoor State Flag Set program will allow you to choose between premium quality 6ft. poles and brackets to display the California Flag on your front porch.

Regardless of your application, we are looking forward to working with you to provide the required flags, flagpoles, and hardware for your application. If you need assistance, please reach out to us by phone, email, or chat, and we will be happy to help.

History of the California Flag

The California State Flag, often referred to as the "Bear Flag," features a white field with a thick horizontal red stripe across the bottom of the flag. The Central feature of the flag is a dark brown grizzly bear standing on a patch of grass facing the hoist side of the flag. Underneath the bear is bold brown text reading, "California Republic." The design also features a red five-point star in the upper left corner.

The star represents sovereignty, the red color signifies bravery and courage, and the white color stands for purity. The bear represents strength and pays homage to the official state animal of California. The Grizzly bear featured on the flag may have been modeled after "Monarch," the last captive grizzly bear in California. The California State Flag was first raised in 1846 during the revolt against Mexican rule, yet it was not officially adopted until 1911. In In 1953, the design, proportions, and other specifications for the flag were standardized; before that there was variation in the appearance of the flag and the bear between different manufacturers.

California is located in the Pacific Region of the United States of America. It is the third largest state in the United States of America and shares borders with Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Mexico, and the Pacific Ocean. The capital city is Sacramento and the largest city is Los Angeles which is also the second largest city in the United States of America. California is known as the "Golden State" due to the gold rush (when gold was discovered in 1849, over 100,000 people rushed there to seek gold) and because of the golden poppy, which is the state flower.

The first European that reached the land was Spanish explorer Joao Rodrigues Cabrilho in 1542. Following the Portola Expedition (the first recorded Spanish entry and exploration of California) in 1769-1770, the Spanish began establishing forts and small towns (which were also known as pueblos) and Spanish colonization had begun. In 1821, following the Mexican War of Independence, Mexico gained control of California until 1846 and the "Bear Flag Revolt" (resistance against Mexican control). In 1847, California became a territory of the United States of America and on September 9th, 1850, California officially became the 31st state.

California is one of the most visited American States with one of the main attractions being "Yosemite National Park" which is one of the most famous parks in the United States of America, known for its beautiful scenery of mountains, alleys and rivers. It is also home to the Yosemite Falls which are the tallest waterfalls in the United States, made of up of three separate falls – Yosemite Fall, Middle Cascades and Lower Yosemite Falls. California is also home to the famous San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge which is one of the most recognized symbols of California as well as one of the wonders of the Modern world. The famous amusement park Disneyland can be found in California as well as a selection of beautiful beaches.

163,696 sq mi
The Golden State
State Flower
California Poppy
State Bird
California Quail

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