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Cambodian Flag

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History of the Cambodian Flag

The Cambodia Flag is comprised of 3 horizontal bands, with the colors blue, red, and blue. The middle red band is double the width of the two blue bands. In the middle of the flag, there is an image in white of the Angkor Wat building. The red color represents the people and bravery of Cambodia and the blue color symbolizes the liberty and freedom and also the King of Cambodia. The temple that is featured on the flag is the world's largest religious temple which is very symbolic and important to the people of Cambodia and the Buddhist religion in general. It has been used on the flag since 1850 and the color white that is used to depict it, signifies love and justice. Red and blue are very traditional colors in Cambodia and the Cambodia flag is one of the two flags (the other being Afghanistan) that has an image of a building on it.

Throughout the years, Cambodia has suffered many bloody wars and battles and it has had a total of ten different flags since the 19th Century. When the current flag was first adopted in 1948, Cambodia was still a French Protectorate but the flag was kept in 1953 when Cambodia became fully independent from France.

After gaining independence from France, between the years of 1953-1970, Cambodia was a monarchy ruled by King Norodom Sihanouk. In 1970, after the removal of the King, Cambodia became a Republic (Khmer Republic). During this period, the flag was changed to a blue background, with a red square in the left corner with the image of the Angkor Wat and three white horizontal stars next to it. In 1975, the Khmer Republic was overthrown by the Khmer Rouge when they entered the capital city Phnom Penh and gained control. As a result, the official name of the country was changed again to "Democratic Kampuchea." When the name of the country changed, the flag also changed again and was the color red with a yellow Angkor Wat in the middle of it.

The Khmer Rouge had control of the country from 1975-1979 and their rule is known as the most "brutal rule in history." It was during these years that the Cambodia genocide was carried out and between 2,000,000 – 3,000,000 lost their lives as a result of this. The reign of the Khmer Rouge came to an end when the Vietnamese invaded and took control in 1979 and the new "People's republic of Kampuchea," was established. In September 1993, the monarchy in the country was finally restored and the flag that was adopted in 1948 was re adopted and is still used today.

Cambodia is a Sovereign State located in South Eastern Asia and shares borders with Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and the Gulf of Thailand. Cambodia is home to a lot of history and culture and has become a very popular tourist destination, mainly due to people coming to visit the Angkor Wat temple.

Geographic Coordinates
13 00 N, 105 00 E
181,035 sq km
Life Expectancy
62.52 years
Government Type
Multiparty democracy under a constitutional monarchy
Phnom Penh
$28.09 billion (2009 est.)
3.5% (2007 est.)
Riel (KHR)
Calling Code
Internet TLD