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Tuvalu Flag

Shop for authentic Tuvalu Flags. We offer indoor and outdoor Tuvalu flags in durable nylon. Our outdoor flags are finished with a canvas heading, while indoor flags are finished with a lined pole hem and your choice of with or without fringe. We also offer indoor and outdoor Tuvalu flag sets.

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Flag History
Adopted in 1978, the Tuvalu flag was chosen because it symbolized links with Britain and the Commonwealth. The blue field which stands for water has nine yellow stars representing the nine islands. There is a Union Jack in an expanded canton area which signifies it's ties with Britain.
Geographic Coordinates
8 00 S, 178 00 E
26 sq km
Life Expectancy
64.39 years
Government Type
Parliamentary Democracy And A Commonwealth Realm
$14.94 million (2002 est.)
Tuvaluan dollar
Calling Code
Internet TLD