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Ireland Flag

Shop for authentic Ireland Flags. We offer indoor and outdoor Ireland flags in durable nylon. Our outdoor flags are finished with a canvas heading, while indoor flags are finished with a lined pole hem and your choice of with or without fringe. We also offer indoor and outdoor Ireland flag sets. In addition to the flags we offer for purchase, we maintain an archive of the audio for the Ireland National Anthem, historical information about the Ireland flag, and demographic data about Ireland

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Flag History
Adopted in January, 1919, the Irish flag is modeled on the French Tricolore. The green coloring represents the Catholic majority; orange is for the Protestant minority and white is for peace between the two faiths.
Geographic Coordinates
53 00 N, 8 00 W
70,273 sq km
Life Expectancy
78.41 years
Government Type
Republic, parliamentary democracy
$176.9 billion (2009 est.)
11.8% (2009 est.)
Euro (EUR)
Calling Code
Internet TLD

Ireland National Anthem

The Soldier's Song (Amhran na bhFiann)



Soldiers are we,
whose lives are pledged to Ireland,
Some have come
from a land beyond the wave,
Sworn to be free,
no more our ancient sireland,
Shall shelter the despot or the slave.
Tonight we man the "bearna baoil",
In Erin's cause, come woe or weal,
'Mid cannon's roar and rifles' peal,
We'll chant a soldier's song